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Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

Our tattooing service will be available from February 16th (please WhatsApp us +852 5506 6087 before visiting♡) and we are only taking small tattoos at the moment until May.

However, please note that we won’t be offering toothgem or piercing services until May, as Alicia is on maternity leave. We’ll begin accepting bookings starting in April.


Should you have any urgent issues, Alicia is available for direct contact @alicialk on Instagram.


Wish you and your family good health and happiness 

Welcome to
Tattoo & Piercing!

Karma is a professional tattoo and piercing parlour that also embraces art and culture in everything it offers. Let your body become a canvas for art and expression.



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Alicia L. K.

Tattoo Artist & Piercer


Alicia is an experienced professional who has been tattooing since 2015. She left Hong Kong and moved to London to continue pursuing her career in 2017. Alicia is a licensed tattoo artist (2018-2019 UK) and certified piercer (2017 London Piercing Academy). In December 2021, she opened her current tattoo and piercing shop, KARMA.
Alicia is a jack of all trades who is happy and confident to tattoo a large variety of styles and motifs, whatever she enjoys drawing!


Tattoo Apprentice

Sanzu is a HK-Nepalese tattoo apprentice with a passion for art. She has been creating realistic portraits since childhood and draws inspiration from various sources like TV shows and music. Currently focused on the neo-traditional style, Sanzu is eager to learn different tattoo styles under the guidance of her mentor, Alicia. With her dedication and artistic curiosity, Sanzu aims to make a mark in the world of tattoo artistry.

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Celebrate your Body

We offer a wide range of piercings, all done professionally by our certified piercer (2017 London Piercing Academy) with needles and quality material jewelleries. Every piercing includes a piece of basic implanted grade titanium jewellery, a free checkup and downsizing service.




Toothgems .png
Add a sparkle to your smile!

KARMA is the first parlor in Hong Kong to provide a tooth gem service. It is lead-free, performed by a trained professional and completely harmless to the teeth.

The gems are imported from the US and Sweden.


Tooth gems cannot be applied on veneers, crowned, false or capped teeth.

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