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Karma Tattoo & Piercing is the perfect destination for expressing yourself through body art. Our experienced and licensed artists are devoted to providing you with a safe and hygienic experience while creating diverse styles of tattoos, offering flash designs or a unique design tailored just for you.


The price of a tattoo depends on many different factors including the size, style and placement. That is why our artists charge by hour, contact us for a consulation if you are interested in an estimation.

Day Session

Book a whole day with our artist. The session will be 6-8hrs. Larger tattoo projects  might not be doable in one day, consult our artist for estimates

Minimum Charge

If you are only looking for a very small design this might be for you! Ask our artist to know whether your idea fits this category

Hourly Rate

Pay for the size and style you want. Our artist will be able to give you a rough estimation after the consultation. Bring examples of what you would like

Human Portrait

This special offer includes a portrait in black & grey and a few additional elements. This session may be 6-8hrs long.


How to Prepare


Make sure to eat and sleep enough before the appointment

Avoid alcohol and other drugs before the appointment


Let us know if you are bringing a friend

Consultation Tips

  1. Find reference photos, either of designs or of existing tattoos 

  2. Explain what exactly you like about those references (e.g. the style, the colors, the shapes, the layout)

  3. Decided which body part you want the tattoo to be on and how big you want it to be. Keep in mind that details need space so complicated motifs also need more space on the skin

  4. Communicate clearly and honestly what you do and don't want, the last thing a tattoo artist wants is you do be unhappy with the final work 

How to Care for your Tattoo

Keep the tattoo clean and dry for the first 24 hours. After 24 hours, wash the tattoo gently with mild soap and warm water 2-3 times a day. Pat the area dry with a clean napkin after. Apply a thin layer of tattoo cream or Vaseline to the tattoo after washing (we offer Tiger Spit in the shop).


Avoid exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight for at least 2 weeks

Avoid picking or scratching the tattoo, it might cause scarring or infection


Avoid soaking the tattoo in water (swimming, baths) for at least 2 weeks

Wear loose and comfortable clothing that wont rub against the tattoo


If you notice any signs of infection (redness, swelling, discharge), contact our artist immediately


If the tattoo feels itchy or uncomfortable, apply cold compress or take over-the-counter pain reliever as directed

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